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Sample Background Report

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John met Elizabeth at a coffee shop in Detroit.  She was beautiful and one single conversation with her left John wanting to learn more about her.  A marketing manager from Los Angeles, Elizabeth was gorgeous.  She had long, dark hair and eyes that made John’s heart skip a beat.  They began talking on accident, when there were no other seats and Elizabeth offered for John to join her.  She ignored him at first, typing away on her laptop, but when John said, “You look busy,” she laughed and began to explain some of her work to him.  They ended up talking at that coffee shop for three hours!  When John learned that she was from LA, he was really bummed.  However, she said that she visited often and would like to look him up.

Their relationship progressed from there and she would often stay at his loft apartment when she visited.  John was absolutely enamored by Elizabeth.  He had never met another woman that he actually wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with.  They would talk for hours, laugh like they had never laughed before and talk about their plans and dreams.  It seemed so perfect to John, except that Elizabeth lived so far away.  He often brought up that fact, in hopes that she really liked him enough to try and come up with a solution.  However, she never did and things became strange.

Elizabeth would get business calls and have to leave the apartment to talk to important clients.  She would be upset when she got back and no matter how many times John asked, she said that she didn’t want to talk about it.  He started to wonder if perhaps she was with another man or something else.  They had been dating for around seven months when Katy stopped calling and didn’t come to his loft apartment anymore.  He tried to call her cell phone number, only to find that there was a message saying it was no longer in service.  John was absolutely heartbroken and confused.

A friend pointed John to with the suggestion that he search Elizabeth’s name.  Although John didn’t understand why, he searched her name anyway and found out where she lived, her home phone number, and her marriage license.  She was taken.  John was absolutely dumbfounded.  The entire time they had been together, she had never even suggested that she was married.  John didn’t know what to think.  Of course, when Elizabeth needed a ‘shoulder,’ she came by trying to make excuses, but John was armed with his information.

John eventually met another woman that he was very attracted to, and he searched her name at the very beginning!  Finding out that she was, in fact, single, he pursued a relationship with her.  He still shakes his head at the situation with Elizabeth but thanks to, he didn’t allow her to play him like a fool and he finally found the real woman of his dreams.

Is Your Spouse Cheating?

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I think my husband is seeing another woman. After claiming to work
overtime every Thursday night for a month, I noticed his paycheck
wasn’t any bigger. He has also been less intimate in the last two
months. I hate to be a suspicious wife, but I decided to check his cell
. There were several text messages from a girl named Liz, and
allot of long calls to a phone number I don’t recognize. I can’t afford
to hire a private investigator to follow him around. What can I do?” –
Susan M. Fargo, ND Well Susan, I am hoping for the best, but for your
own peace of mind you can certainly find out who has been calling him.
Try reverse phone lookup . Good Luck! “This
will probably seem strange but I got a phone call the other day from my
husband’s ex-wife. She claims that my husband and her are still legally
married. I don’t want to approach my husband with this because I know
him too well, and he will get defensive whether it’s true or not. Any
suggestions? – Karen H. Albuquerque, NM Karen, your husband needs some
communication therapy! OK but in the meantime you can certainly do a
background check and search marital and divorce records for your
husband and his ex-wife. “My husband
has been emailing someone he met on the Internet. He doesn’t know I
found out. The letters are romantic. Is there anyway I can find out who
this is?” -Sharon S. Mexico, MO Sharon you can do a reverse email
lookup on .
“Three months ago my wife left for a weekend and told me she was
visiting her mother in Indiana. Yesterday when I was cleaning out the
car I found a torn piece of a speeding ticket from Wisconsin dated that
same weekend. We live in Kentucky. The name and license section on the
ticket is missing. Is there any way I can check and see if my wife was
in Wisconsin that weekend.” – Tom Pilate Lexington, KY Tom you can
check out this website and see if her name surfaces. Good Luck Buddy! Are you suspicious? You might have
good reason to be. Over seventy percent of men and almost fifty per
cent of women admit to being unfaithful at some point in their lives.
Start by checking out the above mentioned websites when you need to

Fast and Discreet People Finder 2

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Have you lost contact with a former friend and would like to find them again?  Would you like to look up an old flame and rekindle a past romance?  With the advent of the Internet, finding people you have lost contact with has never been easier.  There are several sites you can use in order to locate a person, but the majority of these sites are expensive or difficult to use.  One site,

Everyone is curious about what happened to at least one person from their past.  However, even though the Internet makes it much easier to learn about people from our pasts, most search sites are difficult to use.  Making matters even more difficult is the fact that many people have changed their names, especially women who get married and choose to take their husband’s name.  Many web sites do not take this into account, so any search you conduct on a person will stop once the history of that name stops. allows you to search for a person using their maiden names or past names.  The databases they utilize will then find all the names or alias used by that person so that you will have up to date information about that individual.

Are you just curious about what happened to someone, but you do not want to necessarily contact that person? is a discrete and private way to search for a person from your past without drawing any attention to you.  You can conduct the search in the privacy of your own home.  In a matter of minutes, all the information you will need will be at your fingertips.  This includes a list of past and current addresses, all of the individual’s names and alias, and their arrest record, should they have one.  All you need in order to conduct a search on a person is a first and last name (even a maiden name), and the last state in which you know they lived.  Once you hit the search button, all pertinent information about that person will be displayed on your computer screen.  Only you will know that you ordered a search on this individual.

However, some people do want to find a person in order to re-establish a relationship.  This is becoming a new trend in society because it is now so easy and records are more accessible than ever .  If you are interested in contacting this person, can provide you with the information you will need in order to find that person.  From the databases you can obtain their current name, street address, and phone number.  At this point, it is up to you to determine how you will contact your soon-to-be new friend.

It allows you to quickly find the people you want to find and puts you in the driver’s seat.  Your privacy is protected and the decision to make contact is completely at your discretion.

Trying to Find Your Biological Parents?

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If you are an adopted child, you probably feel like your adoptive parents are Mom and Dad.  Nothing could change the fact that these are the people who raised you, and you love them to death.  However, most adopted children feel the need to know where they came from.  This comes with a need to see and try to relate to their biological parents.  Most adopted children wonder why they were given up for adoption, even though they wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  This is one of the most common reasons that adopted children want to get in touch with their biological parents.

If you have searched for your biological parents, you probably understand exactly what I mean.  There exists a need within us to know who created us.  Do we look like them, act like them, or have any of their personality traits?  These are some common questions that adopted children have.  However, it is very difficult to get in touch with your biological parents these days.  Even if you speak to the agency you were adopted through, they typically have their records sealed tighter than the security at the White House.

Most adopted children have tried to look up their biological parents through the agency of their adoption, in the phone book, and even through various sources online.  The trouble is that those places only contain one database, and it’s hard to find any relevant information.  The phone book is not a great option if your biological parent is unlisted!  The internet usually contains the same type of information you already have.

Luckily, most adopted children know the names of their birth parents.  If you do, you can visit our birth record database and enter their names.  You can enter their approximate ages and what state you think they live in as well, but generally if you have their name, that is enough.  You will instantly be provided with an address and telephone number of that person.  In fact, they use a network of multiple sources to ensure that the information you receive is as current as possible.

It is a difficult thing to go through emotionally and in other ways, to search for your biological parents.  The sad thing is that there are children who have been searching for their biological parents for years to no avail.  Now, with this type of website, you can get the truth and the records you need in just a few short minutes.  This saves you the hassle and the embarrassment of trying to hound someone into just giving you a little more information, and them refusing to do so.  Any child has the right to know where they came from and what sort of people made them.  Thankfully, it’s no longer very hard to find out the truth.

Usa People Search

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Do You Ever Think About the One That Got Away?

Usa People Search,become one of the most demand bussines nowadays.So many people use people search engine to find more info about it.By the click og mouse we now can generate valuable information to help our bussines,relationship,or even to track the record of someone.
During our lives, we all meet that someone that makes our lives different forever.  They are the ones that we refer back to in order to compare someone new.  They are the ones that we find ourselves thinking about at the strangest times.  They are the ones we feel as if we will never get over, and they are certainly the ones that we will never forget.  All of us have someone like this.  You may be married to this person, you might be engaged to this person and you might even not like this person.  However, the worst thing that can happen is to have lost touch with this person when you really didn’t want to.

This is what is referred to as the ‘one that got away.’  They are the ones that you always thought you would be with forever and suddenly you don’t even know where they are anymore.  Do you ever think about this person?  Do you assume that you will never see them again?  Have you thought about contacting them?  Perhaps you have even tried to find them but have been unsuccessful.  Well, now it is possible for you to find them easily and quickly.  The truth is that if you never talk to them again, you will never know what might have happened or what might happen in the future.

All you have to do to find them is to visit one of the websites that allow you to do a reverse lookup, like  You can enter the name of that one that got away and hit the submit button.  Almost instantly you will be provided with the most up to date background people search, telephone number, address and more.  You will even be provided with a marriage certificate if they have gotten married.  Imagine being warned so you know whether or not you should really call.  You will also be provided with several other things, like criminal records, civil court records,and information about family and friends and more.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life wondering what happened to the one that got away in your life, simply find out!  There have been many cases where high school or college sweethearts have gotten back in contact only to fall in love and create a new future.  While this may not happen for you, at least you can find out what is going on with that person and if they are doing well in their life.  There is an old saying that the greatest link to our past is the people that lived in the past with us.  If you have always wondered what happened to your first love, your first real friend, or someone else, find out now. Follow the tips and advice above and find out what happened for real so you can stop wondering!  After all, we only have one life.